Sanguinearts ยท Oh Enzo
'Oh Enzo' by Benjamin Whitaker (Sanguinearts), Gallery Duty Manager
"This music was created in response to Enzo Ragazzini's photographs of the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, as featured in the exhibition Seaside Photographed, on display at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton until Jan 2021.
The images of the festival-goers sleeping amongst wrecked cars like hippy refugees really grabbed me. I started to look into the story of the festival, the anger of people who wouldn't pay and were kept out by metal walls. I watched performances by Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis amongst others being jeered and heckled. It didn't seem anything like the kind of 'summer of love' hippy vibe. I tried to imagine from my own camping and live music experiences what sleeping outdoors on the Isle of Wight might have been like, the wide-eyed, youthful optimism of those present. I also looked into the photographers history and oeuvre, his other work like Penguin book covers.
The overall musical feel is a bit West Coast singer-songwriter-y, a bit of Joni and Kris and Jimi, through the filter of my voice and capabilities/limitations."